Mar 21, 2015

Warming up - part 3

As we have been discussing listing your home requires due diligence, more questions: - is the agent able to justify the price they are proposing or are they "high balling" you to get you to list and then reduce the price later? - is your agent full time? buying or selling a home is the biggest financial decision most people will ever make! is your agent qualified? - is your agent going to put your house in the mls and hope for the best or will they market your home? will they use multiple MLS- areas such as lancaster or harrisburg, maryland, what is appropriate for your home. - will your home have 24 hour access for questions, through websites, hotline numbers, etc? what is the reputation fo the agent and company you are dealing with - are the respected by other agents? are agents looking forward to working with your agent on your deal? - is you agent co-oping a full selling commission - meaning the amount they pay the other agent if there is one? or will they reduce that thereby possible causing you to miss potential buyers? - these are all crucial in marketing and selling your home. call the sold team we will answer your questions and tell why these are important factors.

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