Aug 25, 2011

New Office

Heritage Realty has been in existence since 1970, and since then we have continued to grow and advance, starting out in York City and then becoming a Century 21 franchise moved to Waterford Professional Center and then moved from building 1 to 3 as the need for newer technologies and space was required. In the spirit of C-21 being ahead of the crowd Heritage is on the move again. In order to serve the public and our agents better we are moving to a brand new location all on one floor, with the newest technologies: cat 6 wiring, public and private broad band access, access to 3 different streets- Market, Stonebridge, Eastern Blvd. as well as many other advancements and conveniences for our agents and the public. We are truly excited about this newest step in our journey.

Aug 16, 2011

how low

It is funny how the real estate market goes, when I first got in the real estate business it seemed that people would not make an offer that seemed "too" low they did not want to offend the seller. But alas things have changed, no matter what price it is at "you should offer less" or so the "experts" on TV say. what i think some people fail to realize is that the better real estate agents actually do comparables when selling a house, because we have to have comps for the banks, etc. appraisers want to use 6 months of sales but in a slow market yo may not have had a comparable house in the last 6months, with in the school district, within 5 miles, etc etc etc. but then you have the agents who fail to understand that when a house that normally sold for 250k is now on the market for 199,980 that is a discount you don't take another 20% off... at a point builders cant build, sellers cant sell, people who add pools etc cant because they cant get an equity loan. and then these agents want to charge a buyers fee on top... hmmmmm