Seller Tips

Tip #1- Know Why You Are Selling

Your motivation for selling has a huge impact on how you want to sell your home.  Need to move out fast?  You will probably want aggressive marketing, quick cosmetic fixes to the home, and attractive pricing.  Want to maximize your profit?  You might want to focus on more sophisticated marketing, invest in improvements, and initially list at a higher price.  Know why you want to sell and align your strategy accordingly.

Tip #2- Keep Your Reasoning to Yourself.

Do not let buyers know your motivation for selling.  You don't want to put yourself at a disadvantage during the negotiation process.  The less buyers know about you, the less they have to work with during negotiations. 

Tip #3- Do Your Homework.

There are many things to consider when pricing a home.  What features does your property have?  What are buyers willing to pay for those features?  What prices are comparable homes in similar locations selling for?  These are essential questions to ask when pricing a home.  It's important to examine both historical and current market data to determine an appropriate price for your home.  Also examine what differences caused one house to sell over another.  You might consider renovations or remodeling if it has helped other homes sell.

Tip #4- Think Like A Buyer.

Consider shopping for homes yourself.  See what features other sellers are highlighting.  Take a look at what else is available, and compare those prices to what you have in mind.  What are other buyers interested in?  How are homes set up when you go to see them?  What do you like or not like about that set-up?

Tip #5- Leave Yourself Room to Bargain.

There are three prices to think about when listing: The ideal (perfect world) price, the approximate market value, and the minimum price you would accept.  Your list price will be closer to these three points depending on your goals.  Motivated sellers should price at market or even lower than market.  If you are looking for a larger profit, consider starting at your ideal price and negotiating from there.  Regardless, don't let a buyer negotiate you below your minimum price level.

Tip #6- Stage to Sell.

Invest the extra time and effort to prepare your home.  Small changes make a big difference, so scrub those stains, weed the flower gardens, and clean off the kitchen counters.  Please view the Staging For Success page for information about this important topic. 

Tip #7- Be Flexible with Showings

It is extremely inconvenient to leave your home every time someone wants to see it.  Understand showings usually indicate a high level of interest.  The more showings you have, the better, so please try to accommodate as many as possible.  Also, please be respectful of the buyer's privacy and leave the home for the showing.  Many buyers feel uncomfortable going through a home when the seller is present.

Tip #8- Stay Fresh

The longer your home sits on the market, the less attractive it becomes to buyers.  A snowy picture in June sends a message to buyers.  Update photos to hide this and add life and novelty to your home.  Also, consider price adjustments to attract new buyers. 

Tip #9- Be Honest.

Disclose everything.  Be proactive about going above and beyond the laws to disclose defects to buyers in writing.  Not only is this the right thing to do, but it protects you from future lawsuits!

Tip #10- Don't Get Emotional During Negotiations.

Your home is a place where memories are made- good or bad.  Whether you love your home or can't wait to get out, it's important to keep these thoughts and feelings from buyers.  To get the best deal on your home, you need to approach negotiations in a detached, businesslike manner. 

Tip #11- Cost Does Not Equal Value.

Don't get caught up on how much you paid for your home or the amount you spent on improvements.  You obviously want to realize a gain on the sale, but that's not always possible.  You can't assume $20,000 for kitchen remodeling will result in a $20,000 increase in property value.  The best way to sell your home is to price it according to its market value. 

Tip #12- Know Your Buyer.

You want to control the pace and set the duration of negotiations.  The better you know the buyer, the more control you have.  Try to understand their position.  Do they need a home quickly?  How much can they afford?  Is your home at the top of their list?  The answers to these questions can put you in a better bargaining position. 

Tip #13- Try to Stay Flexible.

If you can help it, don't sign a deal on your next home until you close the deal on this one.  You don't want to become an eager seller, or feel pressured to sell quickly because you are paying two mortgages. 

Tip #14- Don't Take Offers Personally.

The first offer is usually low for a reason- it serves as a beginning for negotiations.  Don't fixate on a low offer and assume something is wrong with your house or list price.  Consult a real estate professional so you know the value of your home.  This will help you reject or counter low offers without worry.  Also understand, low offers might be a result of an unqualified buyer.

Tip #15- Make Sure The Contract is Complete.

Avoid problems down the road and make sure all terms, costs, and responsibilities are clearly outlined in the contract of sale.  A good contract will include the date it was made, the names of parties involved, the address of the property being sold, the purchase price, where deposit monies will be held, the date for loan approval, the date and place of closing, type of deed, any contingencies that exist, and whether there's any personal property included (or not) in the sale, among other things. 

Tip #16- Don't Deviate from the Contract.

Resist the temptation to diverge from the contract.  You have made it this far, and now is not the time to take any chances of the deal falling through. 

How We Help:

We do your homework for you. It's our responsibility to know what price your home will sell for. We examine your home's features extensively and compare them with similar homes in your neighborhood and throughout York County. We look at recently sold homes as well as currently listed properties to find what prices are working and which ones are not. We leverage our experience and knowledge to find a price that gives you the most value while still attracting buyers.

We help you stage your home. Working in real estate for over 30 years, we know what home buyers are looking for. Some features you can't change, but minor details, like vacuuming the living room or clearing off the kitchen counters, can make a huge difference!

We market your home. From taking pictures that capture the most floor space and most appealing features of your home to making sure your listing gets on every single real estate search engine prospective buyers are looking at, we are there. We work hard to get your home the most possible exposure, and we invest an enormous amount of time and money to establish strategic relationships with valuable real estate marketing channels. For more on this, check out our e-marketing brochure.

We negotiate for you. You are selling a home. Whether you've lived there all your life or only a couple years or months, it's probably filled with good and bad memories. We make sure these emotions stay out of the negotiation process. We do our homework to understand what potential buyers might be willing to pay for your home. Our efforts help get you the best possible deal on your home.

We get you to closing. Our seven person team works tirelessly to get you to closing. We have close relationships with mortgage companies, closing companies, and other real estate professionals in York, County. We work closely with these people to ensure your transaction is completed in a timely and stress-free manner.

We are here every step of the way. Have any questions throughout the entire process? Need to store your furniture until you find a new home? Worried your home isn't getting enough showings? We are here to answer your questions. We have seven knowledgeable team members working to ensure your questions are answered quickly and accurately.