Oct 9, 2014

Helpful tips on picking an agent and a company to represent YOU ! tip #1

over the next few weeks I will attempt to present some helpful tips in helping you picking a listing or buyers agent. 1. is your potential agent a full time Realtor or is this a part time job? for most people the purchase or sale of a home is the largest financial transaction they will ever take part in does the agent you are choosing have the experience and the contacts to assist you- have they done enough transactions to know which lenders don't charge junk fees, have the most competitive rates compared to closing costs being charged? does your agent have enough experience when going over a whole house inspection report to know if a stated repair is legitimate or being overly critical or possibly missed something - a current example is a report calling for windows to be replaced due to a gap in the sash at the frame - turns out upon further inspection the lock mechanisms were loose a $250 repair vs a $3500 repair which would have cost the buyer the house and the seller a sale. Does your agent have maintenance people they can depend on, inspectors that are doing the inspection with the diligence and knowledge required? This is one of the facts you should consider when choosing, look for more to come. If you are interested in the whole set of tips contact one of the sold team members.

Apr 24, 2014

How about some cabernet???

No we're not selling alcohol illegally..The Sold Team: Mike Wheeler, Bob Argento and Kim Moyer of Prudential Bob Yost Homesale Service is becoming Berkshire Hathaway in approx 40 days and our new colors will be Cabernet & White & Cabernet and Cream for the Luxury homes division. Same great team, Same great People Even better service and tools - so come on over and have some cabernet.

Apr 22, 2014

Warren Buffet - 43 days

Well that's a little embellishment but in 43 days Prudential Bob Yost Homesale Services will be Berkshire Hathaway home services, of course Warren is the famous head of Berkshire Hathaway and this will mark the first time the Berkshire name will be used for direct marketing. This will set the industry on its head.. in the short time that the real estate division has existed it has already climbed dot the top of many lists including: recognizing of the name, trust of the brand, and many other prestigious heights. Watch for more updates.

Mar 31, 2014

Berkshire Hathaway is coming to York

Exciting news in the real estate industry - well if you are part of the prudential system that is changing names to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty if your not it may not be good news. After extensive negotiations and study - Berkshire Hathaway - yes Warren Buffet's company has decided that as the owner of the Prudential Real Estate name they will for the first time use the Berkshire name as a direct marketer, so Prudential companies that meet the criteria to become Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices have been picked to use this new name. What does this mean? well besides being one of the most respected companies nationwide and a brand that even though has never been directly marketed is tops in name recognition. Berkshire owns or has major holding in many companies such as Coke, Dairy Queen, American Express, Sees Candy, IBM, Walmart, Heinz, Helzberg Diamonds, Kraft and many many more companies. For the Homesale team - we get all of the same team members we have always had all the great tools and now a whole lot more recognition, and respect of the Berkshire name. we officially change names June 4, 2014 - exciting things are happening.

Jan 9, 2014

2013 -2014 market update

As we start the new year we are cautiously confident, yes prices have stabilized and even risen in some areas. Interest rates are still very attractive.  There are still great properties on the market. the challenges are many though: how many short sales and foreclosures are there yet? buyers confidence in the companies they work for and if they will have continued full time employment still waivers, inventory is till higher than needed, what will happen to the market when rates go up? What effect will affordable care act have? even with all of this We truly believe it is a great time to buy- The conditions cant stay as they are now will you look back and say damn I missed those rates and those prices.