Oct 9, 2014

Helpful tips on picking an agent and a company to represent YOU ! tip #1

over the next few weeks I will attempt to present some helpful tips in helping you picking a listing or buyers agent. 1. is your potential agent a full time Realtor or is this a part time job? for most people the purchase or sale of a home is the largest financial transaction they will ever take part in does the agent you are choosing have the experience and the contacts to assist you- have they done enough transactions to know which lenders don't charge junk fees, have the most competitive rates compared to closing costs being charged? does your agent have enough experience when going over a whole house inspection report to know if a stated repair is legitimate or being overly critical or possibly missed something - a current example is a report calling for windows to be replaced due to a gap in the sash at the frame - turns out upon further inspection the lock mechanisms were loose a $250 repair vs a $3500 repair which would have cost the buyer the house and the seller a sale. Does your agent have maintenance people they can depend on, inspectors that are doing the inspection with the diligence and knowledge required? This is one of the facts you should consider when choosing, look for more to come. If you are interested in the whole set of tips contact one of the sold team members.