Mar 16, 2015

Warming up - part 2 - listing your home

as we talked about in the last post the market is heating up as it usually does in spring but even a little more than the past couple years, rates are still very low, the inventory hasn't hit the big rush yet so competition is lower than it will be shortly. When picking an agent and a company ask the following questions: - what tools do you have that any other agent doesn't have? enhanced listing on line? virtual tours not just slide shows, professional photography? as well as some other tools - is the agent working for you to get you the most money or get it sold in a time frame that works for them? are they looking at competition, recent sales no more than 6 months for most financing requirements, are they familiar with the upgrades in your home vs the other houses that have sold? how many houses has your agent negotiated sales on, do they know how to deal with items that pop up on home inspections and do they have the contacts to correctly evaluate the supposed repair or will they just accept what the inspector said because it is your money fixing it? - even with in the same company there are differences, are you dealing with the experienced agent or are you passed off to an assistant or someone else? these are he questions you should ask of your listing agent - call the sold team I KNOW YOU WILL LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR!!

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