Apr 3, 2015

Buying a home part 2

Last time we focused on buying and the first step a reputable lender, now step 2 we have you prequalified and we are looking at houses - does your agent have the experience to know the area, have they dealt with the municipality n that area in case you have nay special wants or needs?, do they understand the Home Owners Association if there is one for that area? is the HOA association current in dues if more than a certain percentage of the association is in arrears this will affect the capability to finance. are they familiar with the area? any things you might consider adverse in the area?, is your agent seasoned enough to spot potential defects and the difference in construction methods and materials granite vs formica, vs corian, hardwood vs laminate, vs engineered hardwood? once you have picked out a potential home does your agent have the experience to negotiate remember the lowest price is not always your best deal, sometimes closing costs paid, time frames, or how your financial picture is presented. ok you have successfully negotiated a contract- now the work begins..... tune in for part 3. - or call the sold team to the whole picture.