Sep 27, 2012


Thought this might help ease some of the frustration in the general market.  Rates are unbeleivable we are seeing 15yr in the 2's and 30 yr in the 3's so a lot of homeowners are refinancing which is good but sme tips to help:
- talk with your realtor or someone who is knowledgeable so you can get a good trustworthy lender who delivers what they promise, your realtor deals with this everyday so they know who knows what they are doing and who doesn't
- be patient of course "big brother" has gotten involved in the process so even lendes who did nothing wrong are now dealing with the consequences of the fiasco- rules change mid stream, your loan may get called for review which may slow things, down, everything has to be reviewed and proven, so be ready for the paperwork and the things you have to provide - and provide them in a timely fashion.
- PLEASE LISTEN- your lender should tell you DONT OPEN ANY NEW CREDIT WHILE THE PROCESS IS GOING ON - this appies to buying or refinanacing - what you may not understand is when you go buy furniture or whatnot for your new home or with what you are saving and the store gives you a great deal on same as cash- THIS IS NEW DEBT- and its the worst kind if you buy $2000 worth of goods they give you a credit limit of $2000 you now have a MAXED credit limit this not only adds to your debt limit but it cuts your credit score we have been told that you dont want to have more than about 30% of available limit used. 
- follow these simple rules and you can save a lot of money - these rates CAN"T last