Mar 26, 2012

Thank you

Since facebook got to this faster than I could, this seems a little late but we wanted to thank everyone; our lenders, our title people, our support team, and most of all the customers for making the Sold Team the #1 team for Pennsylvania as awarded by Century 21. Even through the "tough" times we have maintained with all your help our #1 Standing. It is very humbling when we get accolades from you our clients and even more so from the Real estate professionals themselves. so Thanks again and here's to an even greater 2012

Mar 5, 2012


Well in my January blog I alluded to signs of improvement, and it has continued we are seeing more houses sold, less on the market, the short sale fervor has calmed somewhat - the banks are still not handling them as well as they should so buyers have grown tired of the waiting and the process, some banks are doing a better job but we are still seeing 3-5 months in some cases to get an answer back. Rates are still really low even though rates have gone up somewhat due to fees being charged to buyers and refinancers that are being paid to the treasury to make up for payroll taxes but that didnt seem to get a lot or any press and my fear is when they do "fix" payroll tax they wont repeal the fee being charged - they never pull back once they are getting it. but in spite the market has improved lets hope it continues.