Oct 28, 2011

Moving On

Well the next phase of Century 21 Heritage Realty has arrived, this weekend the move to our new "home" 41 Cinema Dr. York PA 17402. I find I am excited like any buyer even with the bumps and all the hardwor and the worst part the Moving we are excited. Change is of course tough- we wish Hope all the Luck in her new career but welcome Christina in her new role as leader of First Capital Settlement Services LLC., our shiny new office has all the tools we feel we need, wifi, one floor accomodations, easy access, etc., I want to thank alot of people who made this move possible, some in moving, some in helping getting the office up and running, some in construction, etc. Marty couldn't have done it without you, Patty, George, Glen, Wade, Brock & Christina Warner - wow is allI can say over and above. this is just a short list but, also partners, family etc.