Staging For Success

Staging For Success

Staging is an invaluable tool for successfully selling your home. Following some or all of these tips will dramatically increase your home’s chances of being sold fast and at a higher price.

1. De-Clutter- Clutter only detracts from the “space” in your home. Buyers will perceive a clean, tidy living room as “bigger” than one filled with toys, workout equipment, and other items. Similarly, clearing off counters will dramatically improve the perceived amount of counter space in a kitchen. Also consider rearranging furniture to make the rooms seem more open and spacious

2. Cleanliness- Cleanliness signals pride of ownership and care. Buyers view these homes as better quality. Messy homes can also signal more work to buyers. They might be less interested in your home because they don’t want to spend the time and money to vacuum the floors, clean the bathroom, or dust. Minor cleaning can have a huge impact on the saleability of your home.

3. Lighting- People are looking for inviting homes to live in. If you are expecting prospective buyers, keep the lights on and the blinds open. You want to let as much light into your home as possible. Fix any burnt out light bulbs and clean windows so you can get as much lighting as possible.

4. Make Repairs- You might have grown accustomed to the hairline crack in the bathroom mirror or the step that squeaks when you walk up the stairs, but these things will stick out to buyers. Just like cleaning, minor repairs can have a huge impact on the saleability of your home. After all, you aren’t just competing with other people’s homes, you are competing with new construction.

5. Smells- Do not neglect smells when staging your home. If you have animals in your home, consider shampooing the carpets or getting an air freshener from the house. Some home buyers are turned off by animal smells and any other odors.

6. Neutrality- Your home is obviously personal, but neutrality is key when appealing to a wide audience. Prospective buyers need to be able to see themselves living in your home. Flashy color schemes or unique decorations could distract buyers.

7. Remodeling?- Sometimes, a home might benefit from significant changes. Your best bet for remodeling is to ask an expert. Talk to a member of The Sold Team to find out whether or not major changes are needed (or beneficial) for your home. If you have the time and money, it might drastically improve your home’s sale price.

8. Give Buyers Privacy- If a buyer is scheduled for a showing, please leave your property. Buyers appreciate privacy, and some feel very uncomfortable viewing a home while the seller is there. Give them space and privacy so they can make a relaxed and informed decision.

9. The Extra Mile- If you are really dedicating to staging your home, there are some “bonus” ideas. You could consider leaving baked goods out for buyers. It’s nice and leaves a delicious smell in your home. Consider re-decorating your home, careful to keep the decorations neutral. Potpourri, fresh flowers, and other accents are also warm and inviting gestures that help buyers picture themselves in your home.