Nov 29, 2010

time to buy

Well here we are just finishing black Friday and heading into the home stretch on the year 2010. The sprinklers will go into effect for how long who knows, the talking heads say we will try to repeal!! the other talking heads " we will fight" the little guy gets screwed again not sure what this will do to the housing market but builders have placed big incentives, existing home are priced so attractively, rates are lower than ever we have people locking in legitimate 3.75 and 4% rates with zero points, for 15 and 30 years. I cant imagine rates going lower because who will buy the bonds and instruments that create these rates, will rates go up in spring as is usual? I have always heard " he ain't making no more of it" meaning land, tough for someone to "cook the books" on real estate you own and hold the deed to. are we not procreating anymore? if you need a house or want to upgrade you may not be getting as much for your old house but you are not going to pay as much for a new one either. seems like the perfect storm to buy regular old housing not short sales and foreclosures that take forever or don't turnout as good as they sounded but regular resales and new houses.

Nov 10, 2010

Sprinklers & laziness

Well even though there seemed to be support for backing off on the sprinkler code, it passed the house, the senate has determined they will not be voting anymore this year... so it looks like in January we will have to deal with sprinklers. So the average new house cost will rise by approx 6-10K, further slowing the home industry, there by putting more people out of work, more suppliers will sell less, and sink us deeper in to the funk which has been so over reported. AS things have started to get better this comes along and through the efforts of a lot of people it was fought and passed the PA house but someone decided to take their ball and go home. seems funny that we cant end our year in November I thought these guys were working for the people.