Sep 22, 2011

Buyer transaction fees

Coming up on 25 years in Real estate seems surreal when I got here they were moving from paper printed comparable books to MLS computers. We went from picking up keys at the listing office to keyed lock boxes, to electronic lock boxes. Some agents had a CB type radio, and beepers were getting the "thing" to have, then car phones installed in cars and ultimately cell phones big heavy "bag" phones. And we as the real estate industry were going to be green and paperless we went from a 5 page document to approx. 30 pages. and the Internet and email??? all of these changes, other than the long tedious contracts, have been pretty much for the good of the industry and the buyers and sellers, some things not so good like the par forms and inspection language but that's for another blog, We have seen transaction fees I while I understand cost cutting and other competition - THE BUYER, YOU THE BUYER SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY A TRANSACTION FEE. most people say the sellers pay the commission I beg to differ without the buyer no one pays anything, the seller has no equity unless someone buys, so then to pay a fee to an agent for selling you a property seems unfair. IF YOU ARE PAYING A BUYERS TRANSACTION FEE YOU ARE DEALING WITH THE WRONG AGENT AND COMPANY. I will not get into the legality, BUT WHAT IS RIGHT.