Apr 3, 2015

Buying a home part 2

Last time we focused on buying and the first step a reputable lender, now step 2 we have you prequalified and we are looking at houses - does your agent have the experience to know the area, have they dealt with the municipality n that area in case you have nay special wants or needs?, do they understand the Home Owners Association if there is one for that area? is the HOA association current in dues if more than a certain percentage of the association is in arrears this will affect the capability to finance. are they familiar with the area? any things you might consider adverse in the area?, is your agent seasoned enough to spot potential defects and the difference in construction methods and materials granite vs formica, vs corian, hardwood vs laminate, vs engineered hardwood? once you have picked out a potential home does your agent have the experience to negotiate remember the lowest price is not always your best deal, sometimes closing costs paid, time frames, or how your financial picture is presented. ok you have successfully negotiated a contract- now the work begins..... tune in for part 3. - or call the sold team to the whole picture.

Mar 26, 2015

Buying a home

over the past few weeks we have concentrated on the selling of your home, now lets dive into how to buy and get the most out of your dollar. The first thing is who are you working with: - have they had you talk with a reputable lender? a good lender will be able to explain all of the different options out there: conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Bonds, etc, and not all lenders have access to all programs. - a good lender will NOT automatically run your credit - most people don't know that every time you have your credit pulled you lose a few points, some lenders actually sell your name and info to affiliate lenders who then pull your credit and so if 10 places are bidding for your business you could lost 50+ points from your score and now days everything is credit score driven from rate on your mortgage to insurance rates etc. - does the lender your agent suggested charge junk fees? does the lender deliver on the rate and fees they quote, do they close on time, have they been in business long enough to spot potential pitfalls, all lenders have to have tax returns, debts etc. so if a lender tells you hey we don't need that right now they may not be giving you an accurate picture of your borrowing situation. -does your lender have a good reputation so that when your offer is presented on a house and your pre-qualification is presented with it will they other agent have faith in it? Lender is the next step after finding a good agent because they will be able to tell you what you qualify for and you will be surprised the lenders are very conservative now days but you will still qualify depending on the program. remember these tips are to help you pick an agent keep watching for more tips, or you can save time and contact the sold team!!!

Mar 21, 2015

Warming up - part 3

As we have been discussing listing your home requires due diligence, more questions: - is the agent able to justify the price they are proposing or are they "high balling" you to get you to list and then reduce the price later? - is your agent full time? buying or selling a home is the biggest financial decision most people will ever make! is your agent qualified? - is your agent going to put your house in the mls and hope for the best or will they market your home? will they use multiple MLS- areas such as lancaster or harrisburg, maryland, what is appropriate for your home. - will your home have 24 hour access for questions, through websites, hotline numbers, etc? what is the reputation fo the agent and company you are dealing with - are the respected by other agents? are agents looking forward to working with your agent on your deal? - is you agent co-oping a full selling commission - meaning the amount they pay the other agent if there is one? or will they reduce that thereby possible causing you to miss potential buyers? - these are all crucial in marketing and selling your home. call the sold team we will answer your questions and tell why these are important factors.

Mar 16, 2015

Warming up - part 2 - listing your home

as we talked about in the last post the market is heating up as it usually does in spring but even a little more than the past couple years, rates are still very low, the inventory hasn't hit the big rush yet so competition is lower than it will be shortly. When picking an agent and a company ask the following questions: - what tools do you have that any other agent doesn't have? enhanced listing on line? virtual tours not just slide shows, professional photography? as well as some other tools - is the agent working for you to get you the most money or get it sold in a time frame that works for them? are they looking at competition, recent sales no more than 6 months for most financing requirements, are they familiar with the upgrades in your home vs the other houses that have sold? how many houses has your agent negotiated sales on, do they know how to deal with items that pop up on home inspections and do they have the contacts to correctly evaluate the supposed repair or will they just accept what the inspector said because it is your money fixing it? - even with in the same company there are differences, are you dealing with the experienced agent or are you passed off to an assistant or someone else? these are he questions you should ask of your listing agent - call the sold team I KNOW YOU WILL LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR!!

Feb 26, 2015

Warming up!!!!

I know we are all ready for Spring or Even summer after the winter we have had so far.... but he real estate market has warmed up quite nicely number of units has increased , sale prices have increased, but rates have dropped we are currently sitting at approx 3 3/4% for 30 years. still a little bit of a challenge but with the right agent and mortgage rep it is a definitely doable and with not a lot of money. we truly feel that once the rates start to go up we will not see these rates again stay tuned for hints in choosing the right house , agent, mortgage person, title agent etc. whether buying or selling. lots of pitfalls but the sold team knows the terrain.

Oct 9, 2014

Helpful tips on picking an agent and a company to represent YOU ! tip #1

over the next few weeks I will attempt to present some helpful tips in helping you picking a listing or buyers agent. 1. is your potential agent a full time Realtor or is this a part time job? for most people the purchase or sale of a home is the largest financial transaction they will ever take part in does the agent you are choosing have the experience and the contacts to assist you- have they done enough transactions to know which lenders don't charge junk fees, have the most competitive rates compared to closing costs being charged? does your agent have enough experience when going over a whole house inspection report to know if a stated repair is legitimate or being overly critical or possibly missed something - a current example is a report calling for windows to be replaced due to a gap in the sash at the frame - turns out upon further inspection the lock mechanisms were loose a $250 repair vs a $3500 repair which would have cost the buyer the house and the seller a sale. Does your agent have maintenance people they can depend on, inspectors that are doing the inspection with the diligence and knowledge required? This is one of the facts you should consider when choosing, look for more to come. If you are interested in the whole set of tips contact one of the sold team members.

Apr 24, 2014

How about some cabernet???

No we're not selling alcohol illegally..The Sold Team: Mike Wheeler, Bob Argento and Kim Moyer of Prudential Bob Yost Homesale Service is becoming Berkshire Hathaway in approx 40 days and our new colors will be Cabernet & White & Cabernet and Cream for the Luxury homes division. Same great team, Same great People Even better service and tools - so come on over and have some cabernet.